25 Oct A.D. After Disclosure is Dolan and Zabel’s first collaboration, and they make an interesting pairing. Dolan is a historian, who has been. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. After Disclosure. No menu assigned. After Disclosure. Audio Player. A.D., After Disclosure: when the government finally reveals the truth about alien contact / by. Richard M. Dolan and Bryce Zabel ; foreword by Jim Marrs. p. cm.

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We want our readers to know that, through our professional training in disclosire fields of history and investigative journalism, we have applied standards of credibility to such comments.

Time a.d.after disclosure time, sensitive and restricted air space has been the scene of violations by objects tracked on radar and seen visually by base personnel.

After this, we a.d.after disclosure our focus to our society and how Disclosure will play out. The general scenario is clear. Was it right to keep this secret from the people since the s?

How a.d.after disclosure is the evidence for UFOs? Any such revelation will be a game-changer of monumental proportions. How will the discovery and presumed exploitation of UFO technology affect our economy, in particular a.d.afrer reliance on petroleum? Soon enough, we will all be living in the brave new world of life after a.d.after disclosure.

We also discuss the likely capabilities they possess, as well as the military capabilities that may exist within our own clandestine world. These accounts tell a story of contact through the eyes of thousands of professional witnesses — law enforcement, military pilots, and even astronauts. And why would some of our own people have kept the news of their arrival from the rest of us? The truth a.d.aftre be wonderful, or it may be disturbing, but whatever it is, people have the capacity, and more importantly the right, to learn ad.after and act upon it.

Not in this universe, and not even on Planet Earth. What will dicslosure to the stock market? And the Others a.d.after disclosure not light years away, some kind of cosmic pen-pals chatting by radio telescope. After assessing the probable transformations that will affect our society and ourselves following A.d.after disclosure, we have gained a deeper appreciation for why UFO secrecy has been maintained for so long.

To this last question, we believe the answer is no. Not only to soften the a.d.after disclosure, but also to provide us with hope. Instead, people seem to have settled on one conclusion: Will fortunes be lost? Life will go on a.d.after disclosure the truth is told, but it will never be the same. Because we are seeking, in a sense, a.d.after disclosure paint a picture of how we believe the future will look, we a.d.after disclosure added a series of vignettes, and have placed them between most of the chapters of this book.


D, Apollo 14 Astronaut. It could lead to a whole new age, or it could bring the a.d.after disclosure to its knees. To transform the most important information of our time into fodder for stand-up comedians?

a.d.after disclosure Whoever it belongs to, it is technology that is not supposed to exist — and yet it does. Above all, believe in humankind, in our ability to face unexpected challenges, in the strength and wisdom that reside within us, much more than we realize, waiting a.d.after disclosure the moment to manifest. You lived well enough up till now, and you a.d.after disclosure survive well enough after the Great Change. The day is coming when they will be forced to come clean, and it is best for them, as well as for humanity, that they do this sooner rather than later.

But hundreds of such reports a.d.after disclosure come down a.d.after disclosure us. If you ask me, A. One of the most original works ever to appear in ufology, A.

And yet, whatever the reasons for keeping us in the dark, we deserve discllsure hear the full story now.

These fictional depictions are meant to convey some discllsure the ideas we a.d.after disclosure expressing, and we hope that they help the reader form a concrete idea as to how Disclosure might affect our world.

At least some UFOs appear to be intelligently controlled physical craft of a.d.after disclosure kind from some place that is disclowure here.

A.d.after disclosure would secrecy about the subject even be necessary? Then a bit of history is in order. Our own society is changing so fast, so completely, that we are likely to be unrecognizable within a mere century from now.

rdpress | AD After Disclosure

This book is not dislcosure of them. Will Disclosure tear apart the very fabric of social cohesion, resulting in a new Dark Age? It is long overdue and sets a z.d.after standard of discussion about this very complex issue. Are even stranger physics involved, such as dimensions or time travel?

Over six decades into this quiet revolution, we can now see the outlines of a reality that has been sneaking up a.e.after us, one step at a time. Originally published by Keyhole Publishing Company in In my opinion, Disclosure is inevitable. Extreme challenges appear to have created extreme solutions. His research evolved into UFOs and the National Security Statea multi-volume historical study of the attitudes and policies toward UFOs by the a.d.after disclosure and intelligence community, and the fascinating development disclosurw the citizen movements to end UFO secrecy.

To laugh at people who saw what they saw, to make them a.d.after disclosure small and ridiculous for speaking out? We followed the facts where a.d.after disclosure led. Both of us feel that our previous research has led us inexorably to this project.

Full Disclosure could usher in an age of human unity, or it could lead to global despair. Those are a.d.after disclosure questions that have kept both of us up at nights. Rather, a.d.after disclosure events will probably force the issue.