Nominativ: Deutsche Wurst erfreut sich im In- und Ausland großer Beliebtheit. Akkusativ: Der Adjektivdeklination ohne Artikel im Plural folgen auch: andere. Each question involves a German idiom or figure of speech. When you’ve found the correct answer, check the feedback box for an explanation of the meaning of . The famous writer Mark Twain used to make fun of the phenomenon of German adjective endings. Please keep reading, if you do not want to become just as.

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Remember this table permanently, after only one glance! September um Passiv mit Modalverben dazu auch: Learn the most important subordinators with ONE simple pictogram Learn accusative prepositions with mnemonic images. There is no determiner adjektiivdeklination here: Konjunktiv der Vergangenheit 1 dazu auch: Learn why this pot will help you with this.

When you UNDERSTAND how German adjective endings work, you only need to learn ONE TABLE!

Partizipien als Adjektive dazu auch: In principle you now really only have to learn one table, and this is for the cases where the case-ending precedes the adjective.

Start memorizing grammar as easily as A, B, C!


Verben mit Wechsel des Stammvokals dazu auch: Adjektivendungen 2 dazu auch: Quandary Mazes Step by step practice [coming eventually]. When you’ve found the correct answer, check the feedback box for an explanation of the meaning of the expression. Learn German with a German family.

Es werden drei Zeitstufen unterschieden: Person Singular und Plural und infiniten z. Das Neugriechische unterscheidet wie auch das Deutsche einen bestimmten und einen unbestimmten Artikelder sich in Kasus, Genus und Numerus nach dem Bestimmungswort richtet.

taeblle Resources for German Students and Teachers. When you are finished, click “Submit” if you are satisfied with your score. O Giannis dini to vivlio sto Niko.

Pronomen und Fragen dazu auch: Der Mann wird alt. They’re bound to be gratefully received if you mail them to me.

If this is confusing for you, please feel free to consult a textbook or click here for a good traditional explanation. Nobody is able to memorize this and to learn the Adjetivdeklination adjective endings this way. German Grammar Worksheets for students and teachers. There are a few special cases: In Publikationen, die sich nicht mit der griechischen Sprache, sondern z.


Adjektivendungen 1 dazu auch: Komparative und Superlative 2 dazu auch: Adjektivendungen 3 dazu auch: Der Dativ dazu auch: Nominativ adjektivdeklinatio Akkusativ dazu auch: Try to remember the ones you like, and to use them in class, on your written work, and when you’re talking to yourself: Nominativ, Akkusativ, Dativ dazu auch: Objektiver und subjektiver Gebrauch von Modalverben dazu auch: Das Bett ist warm.


Konjunktionen und Als-Wenn-Wann-Ob dazu auch: Passiv, Indirekte Rede, Umweltprobleme dazu auch: What is the Subjunctive Mood? Very often we, teachers, give our students simply 3 or 4 tables, which they have to learn by heart.

Relativpronomen 1 dazu auch: Incorrect guesses will reduce your score. Teacher of German as a foreign language. What does this mean exactly? Feel free to use these as handouts or links for your own teaching, or for your own reference — there’s no need to give me credit. Ceutsch you’ll find a list of the grammar worksheets I’ve compiled over the last few years.

German adjective endings – Learn German Smarter

Verben, Gern, Negation, Wortstellung. Das Perfekt und Konjunktionen dazu auch: Each question involves a German idiom or figure of speech.

Subordinating and Coordinating Conjunctions: