You can spend days, if not weeks, creating awesome memories in Algonquin Park. There are over kms of canoe routes and hundreds of lakes and. The Friends of Algonquin Park Canoe Routes Map contains all the basic necessary information required by Algonquin Park’s back country canoeists. This map. A Free Digital Algonquin Park Map is available at You can order the Algonquin Park Canoe Routes Map (along with guide books and.

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The planning guide is available as a PDF file for easy reading and printing.

Different alglnquin of the park are described and mapped so that you can put your own trip together. Algonquin park canoe routes even keeps copies of historic Algonquin Park maps and offers digital and printed copies of these historic maps.

Algonquin Park Canoe Routes Network | Algonquin Provincial Park | The Friends of Algonquin Park

Please click algonquin park canoe routes link below and you will be able to view, print and download a PDF version of the guide. You can come prepared with a rental canoe or grab a canoe from the Canoe Lake Portage Store, and put in at Smoke Lake, across the highway.

Kevin describes a number of routes, both popular and obscure, in an entertaining and informative style. The list of necessary items varies with the type, length and season of the trip.

Sample Canoe Routes – The Portage Store — In Algonquin Park

You may even get parm whitewater in the Petawawa Rapids if you cozy up algonquin park canoe routes the shore. The number of portages, the distance and the gear that you have to carry are all algonquin park canoe routes to consider. Algonquin has inspired a algonquin park canoe routes, dozens of books, hundreds of scientific papers, artwork by Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven, and draws visitors from across the country and around the world.

We often suggest routes starting from Lake Opeongo access point 11 — we have an outfitting store thereCedar Lake access point 27 — we have an outfitting store there alsoSmoke Lake access point 6 or Rock Lake access point 9. You can order these books on-line at www.

Algonquin 2 shows the northwest corner of the park, including routes accessed from our Brent Store. Even those not using our services will find it useful! Shop Onsite Services Directions. In the summer, choices vary from sport pzrk to running shoes to light hiking boots.

Sample Canoe Routes

Date July 12, You can make reservation up to 5 months ahead of your trip. See Algonquin Park live weather here! They algonquin park canoe routes want to know where you intend to camp each night of your trip. While my reasons may be nostalgic, it algonquin park canoe routes I share this preference with Canadians far and wide: Bring your hiking boots and be sure to check out Ragged Falls. At times, high winds can make it nearly impossible to get across by canoe, but the extra effort pays off.

For algonquin park canoe routes paddlers, the Friends of Algonquin Park publish two routed river guides by George Drought. Our outfitting store at Oxtongue Lake is the most convenient outfitting store for the last two access points.

We recommend hiking shoes or boots for portaging.

Algonquin Park

Three canoe trips, all starting on Canoe Algonquin park canoe routes Access point 5 and heading into the area north of the Algonquin park canoe routes Store. Be sure to visit his www. Algonquin Outfitters can help you plan a canoe trip from start to finish. Chrismar Mapping creates and publishes 1: The second day is a day off for relaxing or exploring or fishing or whatever. Access point 6 Difficulty: For most parties we consider 6 to 8 algonquih from the time you leave your morning campsite till you arrive at your next site a full day lunch and swim breaks included.

The creator of this has gone above and beyond, adding interesting and important details to the map to parj you plan a more informed trip.

After all, this is your vacation. You can view and purchase 1: