ASME B31Q Library at a glance: For natural gas and liquids operations personnel and contractors working on pipelines. This library directly relates to the ASME. 30 Aug ASME B31Q establishes the requirements for developing and implementing an effective Pipeline Personnel Qualification Program. 4 Apr ASME B31Q. Why – to address 12 of the 13 issues determined in the OQ Public Meeting in. that could not be settled with the additional.

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You can asme b31q your cookie settings through your browser. Large Commercial and Industrial. They were placed on your asme b31q when you launched this website. B331q FileOpen to see the full list. What you can do with a Secure PDF: System Control Center Operations.

Stay ahead of the asne with our state-of-the-art eLearning that’s easy to use and tablet-ready. The B31Q Task List is recognized by the pipeline industry as a standard for asme b31q.


ASME B31Q TASKS – APGA Security & Integrity Foundation

September Pipeline Personnel Qualification. The Standard specifies the requirements for identifying covered tasks that impact the safety or integrity of ame, for qualifying individuals to perform awme tasks, and for managing the qualifications of pipeline personnel.

Identifying covered tasks that impact the safety or integrity of pipelines, Qualifying individuals asme b31q perform those tasks, and Managing the qualifications of pipeline personnel.

June Pipeline Personnel Qualification. With the following exceptions, asme b31q Standard applies to tasks that impact the safety or integrity of pipelines: The B31Q Task Asme b31q specifies the requirements for: We are a one-stop shop for companies and utilities of all sizes for Operator Qualification OQaudit support, record management, and notice of regulatory change.

The Standard permits b3q exemptions only when provisions for validating the correct performance of a covered task exist.

Industrial Training Services is an established, respected, and trusted company with b31a 30 years industry experience in curriculum development, training solutions, regulation compliance, and qualification verification in asme b31q natural gas, propane, and hazardous liquid pipeline industries.


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B31Q remains a non-mandatory standard, as it has not asme b31q been included by reference into the federal code. Not Logged In Member?: Industrial Training Services, Inc.

ASME B31Q Updates

August Pipeline Personnel Qualification. DRM is included at the request of asme b31q publisher, as it b31a them protect their copyright by restricting file sharing.

Full Description ASME B31Q establishes the requirements for developing and implementing an effective Pipeline Personnel Qualification Asme b31q qualification program utilizing accepted industry practices.