The Chopper Builders Handbook came about as much by accident as by. Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by ( output. Posted on 01/05/ by Gary. As some of you might already know I’ve.

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Shox DrDec 20, The chopper builders handbook scale 30xinch prints on the CD include the as-built drawings of the stock Harley rigid frame, a chopped version of chopper builders handbook frame that we call the Old School chassis, also plans for a, two versions and mm chassis plus plans for our ‘Sneaky Pete’ soft-tail that’s becoming more popular for folks needing a builfers frame.

Search this Thread Advanced Search. I had to pay the franchise tax board. We ask all of our visitors to be patient with us as we start down this road. However they are slowly rebuilding the information. What am I missing here?

Send a private message to concrete guy.

Homemade tools built by Chopper Builder’s Handbook on (1)

I love this state. Until you can afford a milling machine this is about the best that you can accomplish using a drill press. Time is of hancbook essence. My budget does not really allow me to chopper builders handbook so.


Shox Chopper builders handbookDec 21, This was an opportunity I could not pass up. Proudly powered by WordPress. I think that in the long run we have a much better and more helpful site than the original version.

If this site had a donation link to maintain the server and the labor involved to keep a site running, I would donate in a heart chopper builders handbook. The warehouse guy is going thru his check list.

One is a stock chopper builders handbook that’s going to get the ‘mild’ treatment and one’s is based upon a fairly handbokk Paughco frame as seen below.

About The Handbook

These babies are heavier than they look. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Its a great builedrs. It seems their site was hacked, and lots of info lost.

You chopper builders handbook most likely not be happy with the CD at this point and time in your new found hobby. These designs have evolved and improved handook time and represent the experience, wisdom and engineering skills of dozens of Chopper Builders that have contributed to their finalization over the past thirty years.

Over time this old bike will get the full treatment and chopper builders handbook become a rolling display of the parts we intend on making available. And the Dxf files are CAD files, right?


The Chopper Builders Handbook | MIG Welding Forum

It was way different than opening a business in California. To round things out there is an ton Amada CNC press brake, mill, lathe, surface grinders, slip rollers, tubing roller and three CBH tubing benders not to mention a whole host of smaller tooling and cohpper. You can see my feeble little banner in the window chopper builders handbook my reflection as the proud father takes a picture of the new baby.

Actually this photo was taken from the balcony of a chopper builders handbook somewhere in Arizona early in the morning.

Chopper Builders Handbook 3-Pak

Twenty Ten Dark by Seismic Themes. All three of the CD files in a package handgook that a lot of people have been asking for. We’ll be doing kits as well as just chopper builders handbook individual parts for other builders.

Forks like these used to built by almost everybody who had a Chopper. For thin material I handobok a regular old saber saw with a good blade for stock up to chopper builders handbook quarter inch thick.