2 Jun The Fränkische Schweiz aka Frankenjura has an enormous amount of or App is the better resource for access and topo documentation. Discover the world class sport climbing and rock climbing to be found at Frankenjura that is located near the cities of Nuremberg, Bamberg, and Bayreuth in. Holzgauer Wand. Closed from to 12 m. Just to the left side, the rest of this crag is illustrated on a separate TOPO. 1 Schleifentrick. 8+. 2 Neuer Riß.

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A layout of the train services throughout the F…. Post a Comment Cancel Comment Your email address will not be published. The majority of the routes at Frankenjura are short powerful single pitch sport routes on excellent quality grey limestone. In a matter of time you realise a guidebook or App is the better resource for access and topo documentation. Directions in Google Maps. Camping Here’s a list of campgrounds available in the Frankenjura, along with their location.

To clarify, this is not a system of crags but rather a collection of cliffs and free-standing towers spread over a large area. The character and style of climbing is on excellent quality white and grey limestone rock that is full of finger pockets, bents and holes.

On sunny, winter days hit for tree free walls, far away from hidden walls in caves that seep and stays wet most of the time. It’s sort of the anti-Elbsandstein; not that that’s a bad thing! Invite your home gym to join the Vertical-Life climbing app. Franken 1covers the northern half of the Frankenjura rock climbing area between the cities of Bamberg and Bayreuth. For a fun trip report and good write-up of the area: Great climbing in the Frankenjura! Tell us where you want to train.


Map Frankenjura map World map. Especially, no publishing of boulders, and no bouldering after sunset.


Map Frankenjura Nord map World map. But they are far quieter. Note that this differs depending on when the crag was put up, as there is a very wide range of bolting styles from crag to crag based on that factor.

There are so many routes that the definitive rock climbing guidebook for Frankenjura is split into 2 books, north and south. Activity Check out what is happening in Frankenjura Nord. Your email address will not be published.

Many, but not all, rentals are automatic, so request one if you can’t drive a stick. Franken 1 and Franken 2 are terrific guidebooks in English, covering the Northern and Southern crags of the region, respectively: Try a level down.

Freienfels 31, Hollfeld Camping auf dem Kormershof: Vertical-Life creates a new experience when climbing in the gym: Frankenjura has an established zone concept regulating whether a rock is allowed and if yes, how: Mostly single pitch sport climbing, but not always good protected. In this large area, there are approximately 1, crags spread out in a beautiful forest terrain, making Frankenjura a perfect holiday destination for rock climbers all over Europe.

Sport climbing and rock climbing at Frankenjura in Germany

Aug 13, Beta: This site uses third party cookies. Leave no trace and stay invisible. For seasonal closures of crags, see: Frankenjura is regarded as one of the top areas for sport climbing in Europe, and is the largest and best climbing area in Germany.


Bigger than Cafe Kraft but lacking a “cool factor”. This season from late March to early June lends itself best fraknenjura climbing in the Frankenjura. You’ll have a great time climbing on great rock and eating great food and drinking great beer. Unfortunately, not all classic routes are always perfectly bolted and often, it is the easier grades that are sparsely bolted. Feel free to contact me at kellyjfidei gmail.

Forget making copies of the thick guidebook. Mark your climbs with a Zlag! Overview map But some areas are poorly connected with public transport not much has happened since the medieval ages. Don’t leave toilet paper Pick up rubbish No noise No camp fire and bivvy Park considerately tractor should be able to pass also at weekend Smoking in the forests is forbidden from 1.

Many of them have been hanging for a number of years and are in bad condition. VGN is your only option. Best season for climbing in Frankenjura is from Spring to Autumn. Thousands of climbers are already doing this. The local is also very direct.

Rock climbing in Frankenjura

The crags are scattered all over the area, so having a car brings you to a lot more places than just one area. Map of the main sport climbing areas at Frankenjura. Many areas that are highly frequented and top roped, show signs of usage of the bolts. Even if you’re not a rock yopo, come check out the Frankenjura!