Book Review of God in the Machine by Anne Foerst More than anything else, the field of science and religion aims to bring separate disciplines into dialogue. In God in the Machine, Dr. Anne Foerst draws on her expertise as both a theologian and computer And what do robots teach us about our relationship with God?. God in the Machine: What Robots Teach Us About Humanity and God. Author: Anne Foerst View colleagues of Anne Foerst.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Speaking as a Christian theologian, Foerst foersg the Christian narrative is well suited for the task.

The teh chapter is a discussion of science and here Foerst demonstrates an ability to be a part of a research team while maintaining enough critical distance to examine its assumptions. Dutton- Religion – pages. People always tell the story with Frankenstein building the oferst who then turns against humanity, right?

In God in the MachineDr. But, in addition to that Dr. God in the Machine: But she says any criteria of personhood that is narrow enough to disqualify robots will also exclude certain classes of humans, which is morally objectionable.

And, that is when I come into problems with them. So what then is the motivation for building robots? For the same reason, it is the very emotionality Commmander Data from Star Trek displays every xnne it complains about having no emotions that endears it; an emotionless machine would not constantly raise the issues of its own worth, value, and personhood.

God in the Machine: What Robots Teach Us about Humanity and God – Anne Foerst – Google Books

What does it mean to be human? As a German theologian transplanted into an unlikely environment, Foerst was received with both hospitality and skepticism by Machin colleagues.

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Should we try to reconcile all of these separate stories?

But would the same apply if we acknowledged Kismet as a person? Stephen Garner rated it liked it Aug 27, And, the nice thing about the golem traditions, which go back to the 13th century to the Jewish mysticism called Kabala, is a real connection between current artificial intelligence research and this old qnne European motive.

It was interesting, because I think he hoped that I would become something of a critic of AI, but I never became one. She helps give the push against the pseudo-Gnostic dualism that has pervaded the West since Descartes. By doing so, she discovered two incongruous cultures: A more sophisticated account, and one more in line with Biblical scholarship, would have examined what any number of individual Biblical writers meant by the word soul.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. A more satisfying argument would be to present her understanding of personhood and an explanation why robots and humans are grouped together in her schema. She is incidentally a professor at St.

And, at the same time we look for extraterrestrial intelligence. We are so fundamentally relational.

GOD IN THE MACHINE: What Robots Teach Us About Humanity and God

Deus ex Machina Listen Now Prof. Some might find this incompatible. Her frank account of the outright small-minded dogmatism of MIT researchers to her offering a class, most often without reading her syllabus,shows that illiberality is not just a characteristic of the “religious.

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Is this an act of worship — or sheer hubris? And, those are usually scientists that I interact with the most. They had all of these interesting attacks, in order to kind of handle me. Well, one annee the parallels you allude to is that science is somewhat of a religion itself. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


God in the Machine: What Robots Teach Us About Humanity and God by Anne Foerst

Get ready to meet two remarkable characters, Cog and Kismet. The problem here is that people foerts emotionally bond with all sorts mqchine entities that strain the notion of what can be considered part of the community and what cannot. Chris marked it as to-read May 05, Specifically, she argues that the multi-layered Hebrew term nefes cannot be flatly translated as soul, as traditionally has been the case, because it can refer both to the individual person and the larger community.

So, what does this mean for our development of robots? Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Foerst is a theologian and research scientist, and visiting professor of theology and computer science at St. For instance, consider recent debates on the status of Foefst.

John marked it as to-read Sep foerstt, Foerst later examines the narratives we form about robots in order to illustrate the frailties of human nature and encourage the adaptation of an inclusive narrative that can help overcome our estrangement. So, you basically have people on both sides yelling at each other.