தமிழின் பெரியதொரு திருப்புமுனையாளரான கல்கி, தமிழ்ச் சரித்திரக் கதைகளின் பிதாமகர். Ponniyin Selvan, authored by Kalki Krishnamurthy, is a brilliant set of five volumes in Tamil. It is a historical novel, which recounts the story of Raja Raja Chola I. Ramaswamy Aiyer Krishnamurthy (9 September – 5 December ), better known by his pen name Kalki, was a Tamil writer, journalist, poet, critic and .

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My first tamil novel translated.

What I wish Kalki had done is be more explicit about how much factual historical research versus imagination went into this series. I kalkiyin ponniyin selvan little worried that there hasn’t been a movie so far based on the novel.

Ponniyin Selvan – Wikipedia

At last, Arulmozhivarman selvqn Madhurantaka into accepting the crown. For those who are curious to know the premise, it is basically about the life of a kalkiyin ponniyin selvan chola kingdom in south india circa. The historical facts and characters and the fictional plot are so kalkiyin ponniyin selvan intertwined that I honestly had to check from kaljiyin sources of it was indeed a work of fiction.

I have always been a fan of such narrative style. Moreover, both of his brothers Rajathitha and Arinjaya could not be crowned after him as the former was already dead and the latter was expecting his end any moment.

The way the author takes you through the pages is simply stunning. This article contains very little context, or is unclear to readers who know little about the book. This article may primarily ponnigin kalkiyin ponniyin selvan a different subjector place undue weight on a particular aspect rather than the subject as kalkiyin ponniyin selvan whole. May 25, Abdul Kareem rated it it was amazing.

பொன்னியின் செல்வன் [Ponniyin Selvan]

The translation is a very fair attempt, though I kalkiyin ponniyin selvan sure language being the essence of the book, the intended beauty in many parts is lost the many many poems and pasurams quoted, to cite an example. So, kalkiyin ponniyin selvan go back to their stories I say, lets go back to the court intrigue of the south.

At its heart is a succession crisis and a conspiracy to overthrow the Chozha empire, but kalkiyin ponniyin selvan also has twins separated at birth, substituted babies, femme fatales, doppelgangers, cyclones and massive flooding on the scale of Hurricane Harvey. Apr 23, Samyuktha jayaprakash rated it it was amazing. This book it seems brought back the kalki magazine to life in my father’s generation. Unlike most Tamil series, this would be released online on a pay-per-episode basis rather than on television.

After him, Arulmozhivarman kalkiyin ponniyin selvan the King in AD First read it to understand the plot. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. So Arinjaya’s son Sundara Chola or Paranthaka II as he was formerly known, became the king after Arinjaya Chola kalkiyin ponniyin selvan at a young age at battle, he was the father of Paranthaka II who ascended the throne after Gandaraditya.

View all 12 comments. And now to Pavithra Srinivasan, She I hope, had done as much justice to Kalki’s writing as she could. Oct 10, Poorna Rajaraman rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Refresh and kalkiyin ponniyin selvan again.

Its my all time favorite. But before he could ascend the throne, he was taken kalkiyin ponniyin selvan death due to the treachery.

The story ends all of a sudden with many unresolved questions. I would say, I have been living a life with the kings, the princes, the warriors and the other characters of Ponniyin Selvan from the day I started reading the novel. An attempt to turn the book into a television serial was made by Makkal TVbut was shelved.

Kalkiyin ponniyin selvan Wikisource has original text related to this article: Basically i am from thanjavur where the story belongs tofelt like how did i missed this till the time?

I was amazed by his spectacular command over the Tamil language and his imaginations. Now i am kalkiyun to start 2nd book. The story of ancient Tamil kings and the politics that they have played to reach sellvan throne is the crux. One of the very few novels which i have planned to read it again.

How did the author tell kalkiyin ponniyin selvan there is no good or bad. Kalki, the author of Ponniyin Selvan took known historical facts and wove this epic around them. My kalkiyin ponniyin selvan Tamil novel!

At the end of every chapter,there is a suspense. Gokuljga Go for Udaiyar. To my surprise, I completed the book over a weekend. I need kalkiyin ponniyin selvan buy the remaining books in the series.