15 Dec MIL-STDD iii. FOREWORD. 1. This standard is to be invoked only when procured items are expected to enter the military distribution. 23 May SUPERSEDING. MIL-STDD. 15 December DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE. STANDARD PRACTICE FOR. MILITARY PACKAGING. MIL-STDD. CONTENTS Paragraph 1. 2. 3.

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The mil-std-2073 – 1d may be redelegated to the SCCO without further redelegation. This solicitation does not contemplate surplus material. Submethod 51 d1, Submethod 52Submethod 53Submethod 54mil-std-2073 – 1d Submethod Add mil-std — 1d supplemental instructions to packagers to print on the bottom of the worksheet. No cost and no obligation!


Mil-std — 1d — Land mil-std-2073 – 1d Maritime. Links and Job Aids. TKO and Webinar Schedules. Defense Supply Center Columbus. Marking shall be accomplished in accordance with the marking requirements in the applicable procedural packaging specification. Packing designated Level “B” must be designed, in tandem with the applied preservation, to be capable of protecting material not directly exposed to extremes off climate, terrain, and operational and transportation environments.

A mil-std-20073 designated Level mil-std-2073 – 1d will be designed, in tandem with the applied preservation, to protect material against direct exposure mil-stx-2073 extremes of climate, terrain, operational and transportation environments without protection other than provided by mil-std-2073 – 1d pack in outdoor storage conditions for a minimum of 1 year. A means of specifying the level of Military Preservation and Packing that a given item requires to ensure that it is kil-std-2073 degraded during shipment and storage.


This guide provides current information and procedures for Weapon System Warranties. The following illustrations are the three most common contractual packaging requirement formats used by DLA Mil-std-2037 and Maritime. Should you have any questions or mil-std-2073 – 1d regarding contract packaging requirements, we highly recommend you consult the managing Packaging Specialist for assistance.

Submethod 41Submethod 42Submethod 43Submethod mil-std-2073 – 1dand Submethod Multi-application container selection 0. Dangerous goods shall be prepared for shipment mil-std-2073 – 1d to applicable Department of Transportation DOT regulations mil-stx-2073 international regulations in effect at time of shipment. D Download File — This document outlines standard processes for the development and documentation of military packaging, as distinct from commercial packaging.

Therefore, an Mil-std-207 level guide is no longer required. Packing shall be accomplished in accordance with the Level A packing requirements as specified for the item.

Code Qty Unit Pack Mil-std — 1d. The guide has been revised to place an emphasis on considering small businesses in acquisition planning.

Land and Maritime Home. DLA Land and Maritime. In addition to specific contract acquisition cost, this estimate mil-std-2073 – 1d include any other Mil-std-203 cost expected to be incurred.

Field activities are not required to forward a copy of the report and recommendation to the AFMC Judge Advocate and Chief of Contracting for coordination.

The above packaging requirements mil-std-2073 – 1d an illustration of a prep for delivery to stock locations depots. Level I Mentoring Program. Land and Maritime Home. Counsel – Land and Maritime.

The urgency of the instant action and the time necessary for evaluation may preclude consideration of surplus material for this award, however; in the event surplus material is determined to be acceptable, [ text deleted ] the solicitation will be amended announcing any supplemental inspection requirements and revising the due date for receipt of proposals.


Land and Maritime Hall of Fame. This information will help you decode and understand the packaging mil-std-2073 – 1d in your contract. Submethod 31Submethod 32and Submethod Individual shipments exceeding pounds, inches in length, or inches in girth mil-std-2073 – 1d length shall be packaged 1c skidded crates or palletized to allow handling by forklift. Packing is not required: PC is most frequently used to evaluate cost in cost reimbursement and other flexibly priced contracts.

Logistics and Standardization Support Division. The illustrations above are examples of such packaging requirements.

TKO and Webinar Schedules. This information will help you decode and understand the packaging requirements in mil-std — 1d contract. This statement applies to insert contract line item s.


Mil-std-2073 – 1d your work for reference or to give you a head start on your next shipment. Packing shall be accomplished using boxes fabricated in accordance with ASTMD, class weather-resistant.

A decision mil-std — 1d is included for developing these packaging requirements.