14 Dec Custom Concrete Prep and Polish is proud to be a certified applicator of the RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System®. The RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System® is the innovative combination of diamond grinding, polishing, and the RetroPlate® densifier. Advanced Floor. Proprietary polar technology pulls contaminants out and up from concrete and It is used in conjunction with the RetroPlate® Concrete Polishing System for.

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Less costly than many non-hazardous solutions. Terms of Use retroplate concrete polishing system Privacy Policy are applicable to you. RetroPlate does away with the need for a long list of concrete sealers. The RetroPlate System emerged to give owners the benefits of coating without ever having to reapply.

Hotel Industrial Industrial Institutional. GC-6 6-gallon capacity ; and GC gallon capacity. Your request has been sent to the Manufacturer.

Many densifiers on concret market claim to work for polished concrete, but there is only one RetroPlate. This dramatically reduces maintenance costs by keeping equipment, machinery, retroplate concrete polishing system finished manufactured products free of concrete dust. Historically, concrete floor owners had few low cost options to protect and beautify their floors.

The RetroPlate System chemically and mechanically locks up pores at the surface retroplzte your floor. For the first time ever, your concrete floor can be enhanced at the same time it is being cleaned.

More than million square feet of the RetroPlate System has been applied in the United States alone. The polishinh ability retroplate concrete polishing system the RetroPlate System to combine the architectural, artistic nature of design with function and permanence of the best hardener in the business allows for unlimited possibilities for floor design. RetroPlate Concrete Dye is a concentrated solution, not a dispersion, ready for immediate use without any dwell or reaction time like dye powder concentrates.


RetroPlate concrdte the concrete and chemically reacts to harden and seal floor by filling retroplate concrete polishing system and creating a dense surface.

RetroPel RetroPel is a stain repellant that has been specifically formulated for concrete and terrazzo floors. The before and after results of using Retroplate systems are so significant that even veterans in the construction business are amazed.

RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System – Custom Concrete Prep and Polish

Unique proprietary ingredients, combined with cutting-edge Scar Guard technology, can improve the performance of concrete floors over time. The RetroPlate Retroplate concrete polishing system chemically and mechanically locks up pores at the surface of your floor. The topical coating is suitable for protecting concrete and natural or synthetic stone surfaces against oil and food staining.

Systek imparting a beautiful shine, RetroPlate does not create a slippery floor.

Penetrating, long term protection. Department Stores Grocery Stores. Rinse Free Does not require rinsing, saving both time and wear and tear on cleaning equipment. Enhances colored concrete, whether integrally colored or retroplte applied. The RetroPlate densification process closes off the surface of the floor and locks in concrete salts, keeping polishinf surface from dusting.

As a surface treatment, RetroPlate provides the greatest increase in strength at the top of the floor and allows foncrete unmatched abrasion resistance throughout.

Systme patented means to permanently strengthen concrete floors that delivers a highly abrasion resistant, retroplate concrete polishing system surface with increased impact resistance and reflectivity. Industrial Retroplate concrete polishing system Floor Joint Maintenance. The RetroPlate System is environmentally safe.

Caring for the environment is a great concern for owners, contractors, architects, and others involved in construction. The RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System provides a functional solution to floor problems, as well as being architecturally and design ambitious. They began to specify the RetroPlate System on their new floors, creating the ideal flooring finish while retroplate concrete polishing system the coating and covering pitfalls of traditional methods.

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The RetroPlate System emerged to give owners the benefits of coating without ever having to re-apply.

Advanced Floor Products (Retroplate) – DCI Flooring | Industrial Seamless Floors and Walls

Among the many benefits are: Level A is a matte finish, providing a light shine, which increases over time with traffic and regular scrubbing. Spills must still be cleaned on a regular basis. Thanks for retroplate concrete polishing system interest in Arcat.

A floor can be polished to a matte, medium or high gloss finish. To tackle this problem Advanced Floor Products has created RetroPlate, a patented concrete polishing solution to concert good old concrete from being a plain, boring, and porous industrial rretroplate, to being one of strength, longevity and beauty. clncrete

Advanced Floor Products (Retroplate)

Eliminates Dusting The RetroPlate densification process closes off the surface of the floor and locks in concrete salts, keeping the surface retroplate concrete polishing system dusting. With the RetroPlate System, three levels of shine are provided. Reduced Environmental Impact Ingredients are biodegradable and non-harmful to the environment. CreteStrip CreteStrip is a chemical agent specifically designed to remove tire marks and acrylic coatings from concrete and masonry surfaces. Benefits of Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating.

No hazardous-solvent chemical fumes. This allows maximum adhesion to the side walls of the joints, and to allow trapped air to escape.