23 Jul Is anyone aware of a downloadable version of the Spyderco Sharpmaker instructional video? Mine came with a VHS copy of the instructions. 9 Dec So I went back to the Sharpmaker’s manual and noticed it mostly talked about the 40 deg. setting. “Hmmm,” I thought to myself, “I wonder if. 17 Dec I am getting an older sharpmaker ready to sell and I cannot find the manual. I checked in the I’ve got this older Spyderco manual [​IMG].

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While this works well some sharpening tasks require both hands.

Keep Your Tip Up Point the tip slightly upwards when sharpening on the flat surface of the rods. Spderco guys will use 30 hsarpmaker on everything.

Dec 9, 8. Slatts, I don’t agree that a knife with a 40 degree edge will necessary hold its edge longer than a knife with a 30 degree edge. Later I will expand on each point and post on the forum for further feed-back. Too course; you will remove more metal than necessary and it will take longer to sharpen.

Do you already have an account? Shapmaker, my password is: Pay close attention to the sharpening task at hand and you will make less mistakes while keeping all of your digits attached.

So far I’ve been to cheap to pay for the DVD version that they sell.

Spyderco Sharpmaker deg or 40 deg? This is when it may be advisable to attach it to a large piece of wood spydervo bench. The cleaner the stones are the better and more consistant that they abrade the metal.


Be Patient If your sharpening task involves a very dull or damaged blade it can take a l-o-n-g time to get the edge where you want it.

Not to mention the cutting ability and ease of sharpening are radically spyderci. I guess I still have to know how to draw the knife all the way without it dulling the tip.

Sharpmaker 203MF manual

You do realize you answered a five year old question, right? This site uses cookies. Not everyone in the general market is sharpening only Spyderco knives. This is a fast way to ruine your tip and the lines of your blade.

Stablize The SharpMaker is designed to be held with one hand will sharpening with the other. The Sharpmaker is made for the general market, although it is effective enough for the “afi” market as well. Hi EDCeeker, 40 degrees is recommended for all edges, “in general”.

Top Ten Rules for Using the Sharpmaker – Page 2 – Spyderco Forums

Magnify There is nothing like seeing your work under magnification to give you great feed-back on your sharpening approach. I think it can, but we’ll see. Search Media New Media. Share This Page Tweet. Are you a current member with account or password issues? KnivesPlus has a PDF of the manual.

They’re nifty and they will help you see small chips, edge rolls and other problems. Being brand new to sharpening VG I was frustrated, as I was able to get another primary bevel on it with a whetstone and use the sharpmaker to get a good working edge, I could never get it as sharp as I could get my Victorinox knives.

Get a jeweler’s loupe or kid’s microscope that has a light.

Spyderco Forums

And the forums are a good source of info. Safety First Use the Safety Rods. This will help preserve the tip and perhaps keep you from running of the rods with your tip. Apply the bevel that is correct for the blade and how it will be used.


Own or have owned: If you have a lot of chipping issues you can go to the 20 degree setting, but even Sal Glesser says that he sharpens all of his knives at 15 degrees, as all of Spyderco’s steels can handle it.

Dec 9, 5. I put my thumb on top of the rod while sharpening vigorously and well. I found it on youtube, it’s about 2: I finish all my knives on a strop. In the case where the steel just can’t handle it, then indeed the 40 degree or thicker edge in general will last longer. Search Forums Recent Posts. Jun 2, Messages: Your name or email address: Dec 9, I have learned so much from you folks and have begun applying this new knowledge to my own sharpening efforts.

Jul 20, Messages: Those that are interested enough in knives to participate in forums are usually seeking greater depth in their information, than the “general” market. Any good recommendations and does anyone else have this problem?

Too fine; and you may not get the edge you are working for. Discussion in ‘ General Knife Discussion ‘ started by ratdog innstructions, Dec 9,