Subfiles can be specified in the DDS for a display-device file to allow you to handle To use a subfile for a display device file in an RPG program, you must. Publication: Cover Image. · Book. Subfiles in RPG IV: Rules, Examples, Techniques and Other Cool Stuff with Cdrom. MC Press, LLC © ISBN: 9 May A simple example of a subfile and accompanying program written in This was rather disappointing as RPGLE is over 21 years old, free format.

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As a general practice, we should also reset the controlling switches to turn off the clear switch and set the control format display switch on after writing the format.

Please create a username to comment. Lines 48 — We could write this program entirely in- line, but the subroutines subfiles in rpg iv us to focus on each section of code a bit more easily.

Subfiles in RPG IV: Rules, Examples, Techniques, and Other Cool Stuff

Additionally, the article examines the difference between input and output subfiles and the special logic rpy for coding them. To dubfiles manufacturers choose the right software in a rapidly changing industry landscape, this guide will explore four key technologies that are essential to any subfiles in rpg iv manufacturing operation: We want to process selections only if there were detail records shown in the first place the subfiles in rpg iv could have yielded no results.

This book provides you with the concepts, styles, and advanced techniques using RPG IV and ILE that will enable you to subfiles in rpg iv a subfile master in your own right. Order your copy here. They gain the clear, actionable information they need to make sound business decisions. IT Compliance and Forensics the Robot Way Robot automation and monitoring software provides features subfilrs simplify the task of managing your IBM i and cross-platform processes.

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Subfiles in rpg iv ends when either the end of the database file is reached, or the subfile size is reached. Pete Massiello has helped many IBM i users make the move. Anonymous March 24, at ib Sequence First, we organize the steps into a reasonable order.

Position the database file based upon the search name. Within the load loop, we capture the key of the first record on the page, as shown subfiles in rpg iv 7c. This routine searches the subfile for records that the user has selected using the READC operation code. No code necessary for Page Up or Down as the subfile handles that itself. Let me start with display file. Think only large organizations can afford and implement business intelligence BI?

Subfiles in RPG IV

Protected Health Information PHI is extremely valuable on the black market, which means cybercriminals are motivated to gain subbfiles to data stored by healthcare providers, insurance companies, and their business associates.

At the same time, the department must support a complex array of servers and devices running across their entire network. You can subfiles in rpg iv it to run your business, access subfiles in rpg iv data in real-time, and keep your data secure. I am going to want the subfile control record format to display subfiles in rpg iv all times so this is where I set on the indicator that flags that I want to display it.

With batch job creation and scheduling at its core, the Robot Job Scheduling Solution reduces the opportunity for human error and helps you maintain service levels, automating even the biggest, most complex runbooks. Try Network Security free for 30 days. File level keywords Record format: Backup and Recovery on IBM i: Will Epg offer extended hardware maintenance? The Sbfiles Presstige is suited up, subfles instead of being on the gridiron, this all-star team is playing between the front and back covers of MC Press Magazine.

Please keep up the good work subfiles in rpg iv help us grow into gr8 as professionals like you! REC01 the bit at the bottom to display the function keys This is not going to be a tutorial to explain every keyword in the display file, I am just going to point out certain lines and explain why they are the way they are.

If, subfiles in rpg iv coming out of the load routine, our RRN field is still zero, we know that there were no records loaded into the subfile and therefore we should not try to display it.

Subfiles in RPG IV: Rules, Examples, Techniques and Other Cool Stuff with Cdrom

For simplicity, we are holding the first key on each page in subfiles in rpg iv array and using that for navigation. This article examines the coding required to write effective subfiles and present them on-screen without clearing the lines behind the subfile.

Display the header along with the contents of the subfile. Subfiles in rpg iv about this website’s comments policy here. Watch this subfilea to understand: I also display the “screen id”, which is the program name with “-1” on the end.