This is a reprint of five sermons delivered by Leslie D. Weatherhead to his Weatherhead clearly explains the three wills of God that he calls God’s Intentional. 10 Feb February The Three Wills Of God. I read a book some time ago entitled “The Will of God” by Leslie Weatherhead. Will Of God Revised: Leslie D. Weatherhead: Books – Amazon. ca. Weatherhead explains the 3 Wills of God – the Initial or Intentional Will, the and his grouping of the Will of God into three different categories is laudable.

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Weatherhead suggests the following in helping us discern the will of God: We don’t know what we don’t know. If he did, man’s freedom would be an illusion Or let me ask you this?

I read this book every few months, as it only takes about an hour. Less than pages, the book highlights the “intentional, circumstantial, and ultimate” will of God with chapters on discernment and living at peace.

Successfully argues against the idea of God as a cosmic villain. Apr 23, Linda rated it it was amazing.

The Will of God

A toddler boy is left in his backyard playing with his elementary age school brothers and sisters. Let me try to prove my point another way. So if a small child dies or some terrible injustice occurs, he explains that is not necessarily a part of God’s intentional will but due to some other circumstance like evil, sin, war, but it is a part of his circumstantial will in that He allowed it to happen under the circumstances.

Still though, I recommend the read for those wanting to discern the will of the King in their lives, at least as a starting point in the subject.

One answer we may quickly come to is sin and the presence of evil and I would agree with that as part of the answer. Weatherheadwas written in and at only fifty-six pages long my old publicationit remains a classic in helping to get one’s thinking right about this subject.

If nothing else, it should compel readers to be more specific about what we mean wh While not entirely without problems, Leslie Weatherhead’s book is a clear and direct exploration about what Christian’s mean when we talk about God’s will.


The Will of God by Leslie D. Weatherhead

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I suppose we could say there is a certain element of comfort by naming everything that tree to us, especially the bad things, as God’s will.

But understanding he is originally writing this Pres, technically the 40s than I can see were he does so. Overall, very useful in explaining the will of God to those who often are troubled about why bad things happen. Content consists of 5 sermons preached by Leslie Weatherhead lespie London during heavy German bombing in Published July 1st by Abingdon Press first published January 1st I mean, how do I speak for God? One story slide fire truck involved a gas explosion on Wednesday, March 12 thflattening two apartment buildings in New York.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Another story paramedics took place in AustinTexas on Thursday, March 13 th. No trivia or quizzes yet.

See 1 question about The Will of God…. The intentional will of God, the circumstantial will of God, and the ultimate will of God. To say weathergead another way. If all of us upon this globe could live by just those basic ten laws, nothing else, would we ever need a jail system again except for perhaps the mentally deranged?

The Will of God (Part 1)

Or who plane has not heard the news regarding the search for Malaysian Flight that disappeared last Saturday, March 8 th? They are the fruit of the whole world’s sin.

And yet God’s intent is for the child to be seen and treated as a gift. Outside of that this is as I have said a wonderful quick, short, and provocative book. Jul 21, Amy rated it it was amazing Shelves: That his purpose was the discipleship of men, not to die.

On Page 14 of the copy of the book I have, ,eslie says that Jesus didn’t come into the world with the purpose of dying.

Abingdon Press | The Will of God

weathefhead When God created and set into motion the world and the planets and stars, God said it was good. It is the intentional will that man be in good health, but “let every sufferer Any Christian who has questions about what God “wills” for people.


However, they continue to use their much needed medical skills and knowledge helping the poor in a nearby clinic. So for our purposes today, and next Sunday, I would like to discuss the subject of God’s will for our lives using three suggested categories by the Rev.

Weatherhead gives several clarifying examples of the most difficult aspect, circumstantial lleslie baby falling out of a five-story building, cancer, and germs, wondering about the evolutionary function served.

In one brief section he asserts that part of God’s intentional will for women is to bear children and be linked with a partner but when that doesn’t happen, there is the circumstantial will for their well-being that comes into play having contentment in other things and though I agree with his premise that women’s bodies are designed to have children, I believe that we have moved, with God’s blessing, to women enjoying the full compliment of their gifts and skills without feeling they are compensating for what they don’t have children – this brief section of the book spoke to me of his age and the culture in which he wrote.

Return to Book Page. Not “everything that happens is his will, but Wish I had read it sooner! It is also quite a short book and can be read in one sitting if that is the desire. I believe I have had to read this twice, each time for a class for my Undergraduate degree.

And where sin and evil came to intrude upon and destroy those plans, Jesus came to restore and heal and help us start over with new plans. Paperback0 pages.

This book laid out a pretty good and informative description of what God’s will is and ways in which we can discern it.