Barcelona Metro maps updated in , including all the new lines an stations. Barcelona Metro map updated in mapa metro barcelona 7 Jan The official website of metropolitan public transport (ATM-TMB) in Barcelona, has been modified according to our updated map. In particular. On this page you’ll find a Barcelona metro map that will help you plan you route with the TMB and FGC metro transport system. The map shows both TMB, FGC.

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All bus and metro lines and stops are included. Nevertheless, feel free to contact us regarding any fault or defect, indicating the station name and we will correct it. You will tmmb all the time in the metro announcements that there are pickpockets all around you and you should keep your belongings safe tmb mapa metro barcelona pay attention, don’t ignore the message.

Plano de Metro de Barcelona

Click on the map above to see a version which you can print out. It truly depends on how much do you plan to use the tmb mapa metro barcelona and how, there are plenty of options and if you do it mzpa you can save some pennies too. Jun 8, Version 3. I liked the fact that I could find the closest station to me then route me to my destination including train changes.

Or if you need you can calculate your optimal route directly:. In particular, the indication of accessible entrances. Barcelona metro map Updated: You can see the time table below of the underground but there are a couple of local tmb mapa metro barcelona I would like to give you:. My advice is either wake up a bit earlier or go some time after 9 and you will have a much more pleasant journey.

The above map of Barcelona is Zone 1, also including Barcelona airport. Definitely worth the download! Barcelona Card – Free transport, no limits on amounts of journeys, valid for the number of days you purchase the card for, includes discounts to attractions and many venues, cannot be shared with other members of tmb mapa metro barcelona group.

Barcelona Metro map updated in 2018

The cars can accommodate up to…. Information Seller Mapway Limited.

It can be tmb mapa metro barcelona in advance of your trip. Very usefulconvenient and easy to use. Transport and stops near a specific point: The route planner is easy to use and it has a nice map feature to show you exactly how many stations you’re going, what line you’re taking next, and how long overall your trip will take.

You can then calculate your journey transit tmb mapa metro barcelona using our calculation below the map.

‎Barcelona Metro – TMB Map on the App Store

Now with improved mefro support and great new features such as tmb mapa metro barcelona tagging, sharing and in-app support, we have been tmb mapa metro barcelona hard to bring you barceona most exciting version to date.

It is the main operator of public transport in Catalonia and a tmb mapa metro barcelona company of a transport and mobility in Europe and around the world. Barcelona is a very safe city but it is a barfelona for pickpockets, being one of the most touristy cities in Europe and they are getting cleverer every time. Barcelona metro map Apr 29, We also have the Barcelona metro map in PDF 1. Some of the functionality improvements are: The “fifth map” consists of several maps of the Barcelona subway lines individually:.

The black circles on the map indicate hubs on the metro where you can change lines to a different station. The T10 ticket 10 journeys only. For zone one users,you have 75 minutes between the first and the last validation of barxelona ticket if you are changing lines or mode of transport, within that time it will count only one journey.

The metro in Barcelona

There are different places to buy metro tickets in Barcelona, the most usual one in tmb mapa metro barcelona same metro station there are vending machines and also a ticket office that is manual in most of them. Tube Map – Meteo Underground.

With information about the arrival times, and Street View mode to identify them. As part of our on-going commitment to tmb mapa metro barcelona, this release makes a number of usability improvements and fixes several minor bugs which were affecting some users.

Or if you need you can calculate your optimal route directly: We’ve made improvements for compatibility and removed a few bugs too. Join us on Facebook at www.