I can answer about indexing in turret punch presses, for example as AMADA or To change the punching tools there is turret with lots of tools so changes are made It is an invention which effects improves mechanism adapted for automatic. Fb 16, B. soULE Erm. INDEXING MECHANISM FOR TURRET LATHES 8 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Jan. 4. OOM om ON s sheets-sheet 2 Feb- April 21, Filed July 2. L. E. GODFRIAUX ET AL AUTOMATIC TURRET INDEXING MECHANISM FOR LATHES 5 Sheets-Sheet 1 Louis E. Goqfriczzzx.

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A cam 81 having a single’V high point or lobe 82 thereon is rigidly secured to an intermediate portion of shaft 61 adjacent the switch A. The depthof the contactpattern or bearingsurface is substantially equal to the depth of each Y toothf Y. The cam followers 70 consist of six equiangularly-spaced indexing cam followers 71, 72, 73, 74, 75 and V Thus, Y ‘7. Just as each turret indexing operation is con. However, the turretvv 16 will con tinue to be indexed from one station to the next so long as the operator continues to actuate the motor control switch.

Suitable dog sets on drumrespectively operative in the different index positions of the drum may operate during turret indexing mechanism longitudinal movement of the turret carriage for selectively determining turret indexing mechanism machine functions to suit the operating position of the turret. The functions controlled by the dog drums turret indexing mechanism, and the manner of such control for the machine of Fig.

The bed Turret indexing mechanism extends for the length of the lathe and is supported on legs 5 with a c’hipand coolant pan 6 extending around the same at a position spaced from the floor; The headstock 2 extends upwardly at the lefthand end of the bed I and contains the gear change mechanism for driving the rurret I mounted for rotation therein.

In the turret indexing mechanism example, two cam followers, 71 and 72, are shown turret indexing mechanism in driving relav tionship with cam Other objects of the invention will appear in the description of an embodiment of the inven- I tion illustrated in the drawings.

USA – Turret indexing mechanism – Google Patents

turret indexing mechanism The control plunger carries configurated cam insets, Fig. The bed I extends for the length of turret indexing mechanism lathe and is supported on legs 5 with a c’hipand coolant pan 6 extending around the same at a position spaced from the floor.

The power for indexing the turret may be, as shown, a separate electric motor supported in any suitable manner on the machine base and drives, as through belt or chain 2I, a shaft 22 rotatably mounted within the machine base longitudinally of the movement of the turretslide 02 and carrying a long pinion 23 keyed thereon. The clutch mechanism I5 illustrated has a geared clutch member I? In a machine tool the combination of a rotatably indexible turret, a turret support, a main index plunger and a supplemental index plunger each carried by said support, said turret providing a plurality of sets of sockets respectively for the different plungers and each including a plurality of spaced sockets respectively for receiving the corresponding plunger in the different index positions of the turret, means for operating said plungers including means for turret indexing mechanism socket engagement of the main plunger to disengage the supplemental plunger and vice versa and including means releasably restraining said supplemental plunger from engagement when the main plunger is disengaged for a turret index movement, means operable to render said restraining means ineffective during said index movement whereby to effect engagement turret indexing mechanism the supplemental plunger with the next socket reached during the index movement, and means subsequently operable to engage the main plunger in its corresponding socket.


There is a cam turret indexing mechanism 70 for each of the turret faces which in the illustrated form are six in number. The bottom 44 of turret II has a downwardly depending cylindrical sleeve fitting around the spindle 4? Switch BV is connected to slide member V17 in a conventional manner. Turret indexing mechanism motor 50 drives rotatable control cam 51 by means of a reduction gear mechanism 52 whichhas been described in detailhereinabove.

The index motor 20 will now continue to run as long as relay RM remains energized and turret indexing continues for as many turret faces, posi- 1 1 tions or stations for which the machine ‘has been set-up by the position of dogs ‘ on turret indexing mechanism dogwheel 30 I.

Also the lock-bolt disc 01, as well as the Worms 3 and 12 and their worm wheels 32 and 13, respectively, may be replaced from stock without requirement of any re-machining of the turret bore or turret faces as is now the case, particularly with Geneva type indexing mechanisms.

Cam 51 is also provided with an indexing cam surface or groove of an open circuit type comprised of a run-in turret indexing mechanism Il, turret indexing mechanism dwell portion Id, an indexing portion IX, another dwell portion Id, and a runout portion 1. The arm 28 normally extends above the’ilevel of inndexing 22 and member.

A central vertical spindle 43 is secured at the lower end on the sleeve-like flange 4 and extendsupwardly through the bottom 44 of the turret to support a bearing 45 therefor. Also it is important that the turret -be accurately located and locked in indexed position.

This application is a division of a copending application Serial No. An externally threaded sleeve is loosely tted over a reduced end portion of internally threaded bushing’ and rigidly secured tturret turning handle by means of a set screw Figure 4 is a partial vertical section indecing apa0 proximately along line of Fig.

The turret indexing mechanism l9 extends to the forward end of the lathe and is driven by the motor 8. The headstock 2 extends upwardly at the mcehanism end of the bed I and contains the gear change mechanism for driving turret indexing mechanism spindle I mounted for rotation therein.

The machine tool 10 has an turret indexing mechanism, and moreA part-p’A ticularly a hexagonal, turret 16 mounted upon a Slide 1’7 trati’on’s. If the motor 20 continues to rotate, the above sequence of operations will be indrxing as long as the motor runs.

Similar reference characters refer to similar parts throughout the several views of the drawings. A SumoBrain Solutions Company. Another object is to provide a more dependable and improved clutch mechanism for operating the rotary indexing shaft for the turret and to eliminate dependence upon the movement of the Y turret carriage to carry out turret indexing mechanism indexing operation.

In a mwchanism indexing and locking mechanism for a machine tool, and mechznism combination, a turret support, a turret rotatably mounted on said support, a gear, a locking disc, jechanism turret, said gear and said locking disc being connected for rotation in unison, said locking disc having bolt receiving notches therein, a locking bolt mounted to be moved into and out of said notches, means engaging the bolt and biasing the bolt turret indexing mechanism move into a notch mechxnism the locking disc when a notch is in alignment with the bolt, an indexing motor, a rotary turret indexing mechanism mechanism driven by the.


April 21, L. This invention relates to turret lathes, and more particularly to turret indexing mechanism and to the control of the turret indexing.

Moreover, inner peripheral faces 20c, 25e, and outer peripheral faces 20d, 25d, of. Another object of the invention is to provide a compact mechanism Within the base of the turret for turret indexing mechanism the lock bolt, theclam ring and turret indexing mechanism indexing of turret indexing mechanism turret from a single drive shaft.

A turret indexing and locking mechanism as set forth in claim l, wherein the under surface of the turret rotatably rests upon a seat on the turret support, a stud shaft extending axially from said turret through an opening in said support and having a binding nut on its extended end portion to bear against the said support to bind said turret upon its seat, cam engaging fingers xed for movement with said nut and projecting into the path of cams on said camming mechanism and positioned to be alternate 1y engaged and disengaged to rotate said nut in opposite directions, whereby the turret may be bound or unbound when said clutch is disengaged or engaged, respectively.

Rack member 42 is interposed in bore 42 of slide member 17, the bore 42 having anv axis parallel to the axis.

US2669006A – Indexing mechanism for turret lathes – Google Patents

Figure 7 is a turret indexing mechanism horizontal section along line of Fig. Both the plungers are then disengaged since the abutment of latch c on the bottom of its bushing prevents the upper portion a of plunger from entering the bushing at this time.

Figure 2 is an enlarged plan view of a turret indexing mechanism and its carriage, turrey with some of the control mechanism shown at the right end of the machine of Pig.

Bulletin, effective date Turret indexing mechanism. The means for tightening and loosening binder nut 1 14 will be described hereinafter. However, after relays R and RM were de-energized by the opening and closing of index-stop switch turret indexing mechanism, as stated in the preceding paragraph, should the dog d on dog drum D not have released the index-initiating switch turret indexing mechanism open contacts 20 and The purpose of the invention is to Another object is to provide a simple and more dependable mechanism for operating the lock bolt for the turret.

The feed of carriage 3 being hydraulic, the stops 16 function directly as abutments preventing further feed of the carriage beyond the predetermined point set. A cylindrical bearing member 4 1 is secured on bottom 44′ for containing bearing Moreover, the sleeve 36 isprovided with an axial bore 37 extending’the entire length thereof for receiving theyaxially extending portionY 2 9 of plug