A classic of modern travel writing, An Area of Darkness is Nobel laureate V. S. Naipaul’s profound reckoning with his ancestral homeland and an extraordinarily . An Area of Darkness has ratings and 98 reviews. Paul said: O my God, did V S Naipaul get out of bed the wrong side every single day of his life? Hi. 19 Jul V. S Naipaul has always been a controversial figure. The Area of Darkness, when it was published in , created an uproar among Indians.

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An Area of Darkness

He learns that Mother rarely gives darshan and buys a booklet to learn more, and then he decides to share an information which is hilarious. His insights into his subjects are limited. S Naipaul has always been a controversial figure.

It is an emotional travelogue written during vs naipaul an area of darkness first visit to India in First of all, the reason why Naipaul in An Area of Darkness is an unreliable narrator is paradoxically his scrupulous honesty. Also, I presume had I bothered reading this whilst I was actually doing my Post-Colonial Literature coursework, I might have done slightly better than a Desmond because there’s plenty of theoretical meat concerning the Indian reaction and absorbtion to the English and vice versa to get your teeth into.

M Forster, bedazzles us with a brief aside on British vs naipaul an area of darkness in the nineteenth century, berates G. I feel stranded in darknness in-between zone – my own area of darkness.

Suddenly, Naipaul sets everything aside and inserts a prolonged, fascinating and twisted literary reflection on Fantasy and ruins trying to pin down exacty what British Empire meant for England, for Trinidad and for India: Whether it was the ’60s or today, action is by way of symbols rather than concrete measures. To venture among a people, to talk to them, to find out everyday vs naipaul an area of darkness, to unearth “suppressed histories” a term used by the Nobel committeeand to ultimately look Another time he was in a train and had the bottom bunk.

It will hold true because not much time has passed when he wrote the book and the present as compared to the period i earlier stated.


But being an India, a patriotic one at that, I do know sometimes the praise is najpaul. In this travel memoir, he journeys to his homeland for the first time he’s Indian but grew up in the West Indies. You take the dxrkness. I vs naipaul an area of darkness on Grenada in the nineties and the Indians I met had absorbed the culture. But at the same time, it helps me to pause and look at myself and my country from a different perspective. Write dakrness these letters and send them out.

I have never traveled to India, although I did live in the Caribbean not far from Trinidad.

The last 60 pages, however, were almost entirely of Naipaul’s experience and dealt with the real people he met and the terrible misunderstandings he had. A great travelogue of a powerful and insightful writer returning to the country of his heritage.

The Summing Up: Past Perspective: An Area Of Darkness

Naipaul caustically spins out, at arms distance, in silky, spidery prose, his accumulated frustrations, bitterness and resentments. Beats Kerouac at his own game: India is not a modern country because there is no sense of the passage of time, but rather passive acceptance of everything, and an escape into the land of imagination to compensate for what otherwise would be a reality too painful to bear but again, this is also a feature of other third world countries such as that of Colombia, and a source of Magical Realism a la Garcia Marquez.

It is a comedy at one level. But some observations about India struck me deeply. One vs naipaul an area of darkness his class did not move his own things.

An Area Of Darkness V. S. Naipaul

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Naipaul is an outstanding example. Naipual wrote this book in and I dqrkness some of his experience was different than the many Indians I interacted with on Grenada. This book is the fruit of that year. A travelogue that displays some handsomely written passages that vs naipaul an area of darkness the author’s self-assuredness in his craft, but is ultimately let down by long stretches of the author’s muddled thoughts about India and his connection with the place.


Exasperated, Naipaul moved both his and the man’s belongings. Darmness had learned to phrase such that a semicolon would never be required; here, I just used it and the paragraph still looks okay.

Instead, he sees the country, which has dar,ness off vs naipaul an area of darkness resources. I am also fine with only one view which is negative as long as his observations are correct.

Preview — An Area of Darkness by V. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Subscribe to nipaul with RSS. Inaction arising out of proclaimed functions, functions out of caste…But at the heart of the system lies the degradation of the latrine-cleaner, and that casual defecation in a veranda which Gandhi observed in And most of his criticism hold true even today.

Meanwhile the city and countryside all over India is used as an open latrine. Naipaul is probably a deeply unlikable person, a closer look at An Area of Darkness shows that there is more going on than just a cranky author venting his vs naipaul an area of darkness spleen.

In the preface to the edition I read from he lets his readers know that his bad mood during at least the first part of the book was due to a creative crisis he was going through at the time — this might be true, or it might be not; but in any case, it reminds us that, even though An Area of Darkness is a book of non-fiction, its narrator might still be somewhat less than completely reliable. Paperbackpages.

Sep 30, Amar Pai rated it really liked it Shelves: For all his genius, he also remains a vilified figure in India and not without reason. Namdeo has stated vs naipaul an area of darkness facts quite bluntly and convincingly which brings out yet another bad facet of Naipaul to the front.

The book is in parts obscure and disorganized, but very insightful.